Container Chat with Jessica and Pamela winn Part 2


Are you interested in “Green construction”? Have you heard about this container home phenomenon? Green Construction is a real thing. And the container home phenomenon is a safe, environmentally-friendly, alternative construction option. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a veteran real estate investor. You don’t even need to live in a specific area. A container home can be built in a rural setting, or an urban enclave. We discuss land development, zoning requirements, regulatory affairs, and much, much more during an intimate weekly conversation with two dynamic Green construction professionals: Jessica. The show is short and sweet, informative and impactful. No matter if you’re an amateur investor or a seasoned pro, our show is designed with you in mind. Tune in and see for yourself.

This session is with Pamela Winn, 50 under 50, Poitical Activist, mother, and non profit expert who helps women who are pregnant and incarcerated maintain their dignity and thrive beyond the bars.

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